Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Working hard for not working at all

Isn't that crazy that we work our way out of what's necessary. We need inspiration to do whats necessary, but then who or what is inspiring us to avoid the necessary.

What is that force called?

Hmmmm, we are going to search for it.

People might say laziness is the thing which inspire us not to do our work, but hold on ! Laziness is just an expression of what we are doing. We are not hungry, we are not tired but still we don't it.

It must be some thing or someone.

I will from call it " resistance ".

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Finally the schedule

Finally after 15 different schedule, I came to meet the best one.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Aware ?

Am I aware?

I ate today, I was angry today, I satisfied my taste of flesh today but where was I in all those activities.

Was I aware of what I was doing?

I just remember doing thing but not making choices. So was I really there?

Monday, 7 March 2016

What is love? Night Edition

Since, I was reading a lot about the word "LOVE". I even read some papers on the love. You know what I found out.

You wanna know? Really you got nothing better to do..... Alright don't push me..!!

As the Plato says it " love is the lubrication and also coincidentally the fuel of universe ". Plato reveals the truth in a very simple way. You must ask why you love, to find what is it?

From where I see it, it's because you somehow feel complete with them or feel you are somehow connected to them. They are the other half, you have been missing all your life. Isn't it? Look it this way, they have certain quality that you like. It might be their beautiful face or their sweet  voice, or may be something else.

So we can say that you are attracted to a quality of your counter part. But, why do u want to get attracted to someone's quality. Because you look for perpetual possession of that good quality.

Isn't it?

That's why you wanna have them. Soon after four five attraction, you go to next stage where you find out the you want to collect all the good quality in this world. So in Plato world soon you are in love with the world. And so is the world. World tries to find the best of its states. I can justify that by saying everything in this world wants to have an equilibrium, yes even atoms. So in that way even world is love. And most important thing, we often consider yourself an outsider to the universe, but we infact are the universe. So we are love.

That's why we love because we search for an equilibrium in us, but we fail because we look for it outside.

What is love?

I am trying to write about what love is ? It's funny because there are no straight answer to that question or may be, I am not looking the question in correct way or may be it is not even a question!

I am thinking that love is not a feeling nor it is a decision neither it is an emotion. I think that is a name provided to a state of being at the moment.

Like when you are in love you feel happy and excited but in the same love a person can feel miserable and death like. So love is like a tag, on our emotion.

Love can not be one simple thing. Think like this, you have water tank on the top of mountain and some one is standing down, may be you and the water is flowing without control but in orderly manner. Now you have a choice to put that water in a bottle or dig a whole in earth and put the water in it.

Now what you must be asking? When offer it to someone to it and I think you how they will behave on the particular scenario.

Same is for love, there is an pool of energy on the top of mountain flowing in orderly manner and you got the control of funnel, you wanna put this energy in bottle of love or mud of earth.

So from this explanation "love" is something which is the out put of your selection about the use of your energy.

Love and hate are the two faces of the same coin called energy.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Blog 101

Paurush Chaudhery

Hey!! I am a mechanical Engineer by profession with writing as a possession.After due delay and more than fifty inspirational youtube video, i finally landed here. Only reason why i am writing this blog that i know of and probably the only one is " Exploration "! I wish to explore anything and everything, and reveal it to my readers. 

Hope you will also enjoy this exploration.