Monday, 7 March 2016

What is love? Night Edition

Since, I was reading a lot about the word "LOVE". I even read some papers on the love. You know what I found out.

You wanna know? Really you got nothing better to do..... Alright don't push me..!!

As the Plato says it " love is the lubrication and also coincidentally the fuel of universe ". Plato reveals the truth in a very simple way. You must ask why you love, to find what is it?

From where I see it, it's because you somehow feel complete with them or feel you are somehow connected to them. They are the other half, you have been missing all your life. Isn't it? Look it this way, they have certain quality that you like. It might be their beautiful face or their sweet  voice, or may be something else.

So we can say that you are attracted to a quality of your counter part. But, why do u want to get attracted to someone's quality. Because you look for perpetual possession of that good quality.

Isn't it?

That's why you wanna have them. Soon after four five attraction, you go to next stage where you find out the you want to collect all the good quality in this world. So in Plato world soon you are in love with the world. And so is the world. World tries to find the best of its states. I can justify that by saying everything in this world wants to have an equilibrium, yes even atoms. So in that way even world is love. And most important thing, we often consider yourself an outsider to the universe, but we infact are the universe. So we are love.

That's why we love because we search for an equilibrium in us, but we fail because we look for it outside.