Monday, 7 March 2016

What is love?

I am trying to write about what love is ? It's funny because there are no straight answer to that question or may be, I am not looking the question in correct way or may be it is not even a question!

I am thinking that love is not a feeling nor it is a decision neither it is an emotion. I think that is a name provided to a state of being at the moment.

Like when you are in love you feel happy and excited but in the same love a person can feel miserable and death like. So love is like a tag, on our emotion.

Love can not be one simple thing. Think like this, you have water tank on the top of mountain and some one is standing down, may be you and the water is flowing without control but in orderly manner. Now you have a choice to put that water in a bottle or dig a whole in earth and put the water in it.

Now what you must be asking? When offer it to someone to it and I think you how they will behave on the particular scenario.

Same is for love, there is an pool of energy on the top of mountain flowing in orderly manner and you got the control of funnel, you wanna put this energy in bottle of love or mud of earth.

So from this explanation "love" is something which is the out put of your selection about the use of your energy.

Love and hate are the two faces of the same coin called energy.